The constant struggle with my weight - my weight loss story

From quite a young age my weight was always up and down, mainly up most of the time.

At school I never quite made it to the double figures in the bleep test however exercise didn't bother me then, in fact I quite enjoyed it.

Health wasn't really an important factor back then, school dinners mainly consisted of burgers & chips, cookies & crisps (also with lots of fizzy pop too!)

My weight was constantly up and down and I was a different size in pretty much every shop! Although thinking about it I'd love to go back to that size now... Isn't it strange how you thought you was overweight back then but realise now you was very far from it!

I got myself into my very first serious relationship when I was 16/17, as like everyone we all get comfortable! Words can't describe how comfortable I had gotten though only the pictures will show that!

My boyfriend at the time absolutely despised healthy food, would only ever eat crap and because of this I unfortunately suffered. I would stay at his house at the weekend and it was either starve yourself or have a takeaway, obviously the takeaways always won.

By now I was piling on the lbs! I went from being a nice 10/11 stone quickly up to 13stone but my partner liked me regardless, I didn't even notice how big I had gotten.

Anyways fast forward to a couple of years later and we went on holiday to the Dominican Republic, done all the gay stuff couples do, went exploring / on excursions, my favourite being swimming with the dolphins out in the sea. All photos were included in the package and put onto a disc for you to keep safe, and I kid you not I kept those photos safe!!

In fact NO ONE not even my boyfriend then got to see them, I broke down in tears uncontrollably, I hated every single photo. I was ashamed and so self conscious, how could my health have gone downhill so badly? (By this point I was 15stone by the way) the heaviest, unhealthiest & unhappiest I'd ever been in my whole entire life!!

Now you can see why I hated those photos, my arms were huge, all of my weight went around my stomach and back, I barely even recognise myself now looking back at these photos.. I allowed my health to deteriorate so bad that I suffered physically & mentally.

I was soon told that I was anaemic with a severely low iron & b12 count. I could barely keep my eyes open for longer than 4hours at a time, I'd sleep constantly and because of that I also had angry outspurts and I became very irritable.

I was given daily iron tablets and weekly b12 injections to try and rectify this all, I won't lie the injections gave me a buzz for a while after but it soon began to fade.

I tried both Slimming World & Weight Watchers to which I lost some weight but it never really stuck, I'm a massive foodie & I felt like I was restricted from what I could eat, I couldn't deal with cutting down portion sizes and counting points started to become a chore.

Anyways weeks & months past and I just KNEW I had to do something about it! I went abroad to work in Spain and did so for 3/4 years.. I was unhappy and it had a serious effect on my mental health too so I just KNEW I had to do something about it!!

I came across a post on Facebook that said something about losing weight so I thought 'why not I might as well try it, I've tried everything else'

So I got in contact with the girl who posted it, she worked out in Spain too which was lucky! I joined the local weight gym & that was me I was off!

A couple of months had passed & as I was walking to work a lot of people kept complimenting me saying how I'd lost so much weight, I just thought nothing of it! I still saw the same old me in the mirror but thanked them anyways!

End of season came and I returned home & stepped on the scales, even I was slightly shocked at what they was reading!! I was 3stone down! Who? What? When? Where? How?

I literally couldn't believe my eyes when I put photos together! As soon as I came home I ordered myself some more products! Not only had I now seen benefits weight wise, I had also noticed how much more energy I had, I wasn't taking daily naps anymore & I was waking up before my alarm! (Which normally was a constant struggle getting up in the morning)

To date now I have lost 4+ stone using the products alongside the healthy meal plans and maintained my weight loss for 2+ years!

Not only has my physical appearance changed but my mentality has too! Food used to control my life but not anymore!

I have now created the #bodyconfidentplan and I now help others reach the goals that they want! Mindset plays a big part in our daily lives including losing weight, train your mind & you can do and have anything you want in the world

Much love


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